Alina Rudnick

“Tweak” is a set of videos “documenting” my daily moods, twice a day, morning and night using clay as a medium to “mold” my mood. This is meant to see how I am “molded” in a sense by my experiences, reflecting my initial themes of “self” and “perseverance”.

Tweak” is a piece that involves clay as a medium, uses themes of self and perseverance that documents changes and personal experiences. How would people represent experiences in a physical medium? Life and hardships squish you down, push you around and mold you into another person. This can be positive or negative, thereby also molding yourself and your ideals or your goals. Clay is malleable in the same way which is why I thought it was an effective medium to use. I wanted to use clay in order to study my own experiences.

I decided to mold clay in accordance to my mood, twice a day (10:30 am and 10:30 pm), for a set number of days along with a voice over of me describing what happened that day. After that I recorded my mood for each time of the day. I purchased “Plasticine” from Graphic Spirit as well to be able to give my assets that clay texture as well. After I had all my data, I put it all on a website that I coded with html (a link to it is provided on this page) so that anyone who viewed it would be able to watch what I molded and see how I felt for those 25 days. I also want to make it clear that: this project does not seek to be preachy/commentary-esque. It is not seeking to "propaganda motivate" you, the viewer into pushing yourself to be "your best self" nor does this site exist to "expose" you for now trying hard enough. It is simply for every day people to be able to enjoy and possibly relate to.

My primary audience is adults ages 18 to 35, because that is around the time where people are expected to “find themselves”. Humans don’t stop growing mentally until they reach 25, this gives people a chance to reflect on how much they’ve changed those past few years. It might give them insight on their own mood patterns and what it could mean to them.

Alina Rudnick 
My name is Alina Roxanne Rudnick, I am a student with a Bachelor’s in graphic design and I love to create. I tend to lean towards more expressive art, creating lineless geometric works from shapes or using textures and solid colors in my pieces. I believe that creating is such a freeing thing to do, the best part of it is that, unlike something like a picture, it doesn’t have to imitate reality at all, anything you think up you can make. If it doesn’t go the way you planned, well that’s what practice is for. You can always tear down and rebuild what you make, it will probably turn out better the second time.

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