Giancarlo Delisi
A Deprecated Designs: Art of the Interface

Deprecated Designs: Art of the Interface is a short book that explores seven different deprecated user interfaces.

As a society we have become so used to interacting with electronic devices that small children are quickly able to navigate an iPad. It’s no secret that technology moves at a rapid pace. New devices and products release every year, and technology at the same rate. With this everevolving hardware comes the need for software to use it. Operating systems and firmware bring these devices to life, and they need a good user interface.

Deprecated Designs: Art of the Interface aims to showcase examples of unique and innovative user interface design from dead products. The interfaces highlighted in this short book inform and illustrate to the reader how UI design has evolved and shifted over the decades. Each UI is picked to show how different teams approached different product segments, such as phones and game consoles. Content is sourced from various websites such as Giant Bomb, Android Central, and Wikipedia.

Giancarlo Delisi
Giancarlo Delisi is a Chicago based graphic designer who is interested in package design, branding, and UI/UX design. When he is not working on design projects, he can be found either working part-time at a computer shop or consuming media. Whatever he is doing he is probably listening to music or a podcast.

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