Jasmine Cartagena
Journey to the Center of Anxiety

A publication which dives deep into a young woman’s mind and sheds light on the events in her life that culminated in her struggle with anxiety.

This publication sheds a light on one woman’s struggle with anxiety and how her own life events contributed to or directly caused anxiety. When researching this topic I found it was unfair to blanket every individuals experience into one summarized blurb of events so I decided to dive deeper by focusing on an anonymous persons life. Blink, the code name for the character, is a 24 year old woman who explains her life events as they come to her mind. This is symbolic to her because when experiencing a panic attack set off by her anxiety or past trauma she gets a flood of thoughts out of order. The imagery created as well as the poetic layout is used to heighten this experience and make the reader feel as though they are traveling through this woman’s mind to get a better understanding of how anxiety effects an individual and to also bring awareness to the damage caused by said events.

Jasmine Cartagena
Hi I am Jasmine “Jaz” Cartagena and I am graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in User Experience Design. I am a charismatic and fun loving person who enjoys to create and design whenever I can. As a designer, I like to motivate myself to practice different skills and styles to be well versed and able to adapt to any situation life throws my way. Throughout the years I have focused my projects on prominent issues such systemic racism, mental health, and more. My work takes on a very serious tone with hints of comedy to lighten the mood and make it more enticing for viewers to receive the message. I like to play around with colors, type and layout to create something mystifying and new.

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