Jenna Ligdas
Mind Wide Open

Mind Wide Open is a series of three books which explores mental illness and how it is portrayed on social media. Each book showcases various topics and themes under the larger topics of depression, anxiety, and mental illness in women.

Mind Wide Open is a series of three books which explores mental illness and how it is portrayed on social media. While much of mental health representation on social media is an oversimplified or glorified version of what living with mental illness is really like, this project aims to combat that by highlighting the darker realities of how people experience mental illness. By collecting posts from various social media sites and forums, such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, and organizing them into books, this project aims to explore the multiple facets of mental health in a way that is not frequently represented and give deeper insight into the realities of mental illness.

The three books in this series are categorized by their general subject matter. Dark Days focuses on depression, Just Breathe on anxiety, and Sounds Like a Woman Problem on women’s experiences with mental illness. Each book features a variety of content sourced from different social media websites and contains multiple accounts exemplifying how different people experience living with a mental illness. Ultimately, this project aims to expose the disconnect between what it is really like to live with mental illness versus what is so commonly presented on social media.

Jenna Ligdas
Jenna Ligdas is a graphic designer who focuses on design for print media. After changing her major three times, she fell in love with design after seeing how broad the practice is and how many options there are to pursue within the field. She loves to experiment with type and image manipulation within her work and can most often be found working in Photoshop. In her free time, Jenna loves listening to music and making incredibly niche playlists, taking up new hobbies every other week, and rewatching the same five tv shows over and over again.

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