Joe Meyer
Dead Nuance
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A quick, net-punk fueled jaunt through the wonderful world of learning disabilities in the 21st century.

I’ve had to deal with ADD for a long time now.  If I’m not in the right space for it, working on anything can become a monumental task.  When COVID hit, I lost those spaces.  I had to come to grips with just how important it all was to me, now that I had to work without it.  What I want to do isn’t to inform people on men’s ADD numbers-wise, but to instead inspire even the smallest bit of empathy towards guys dealing with their own issues.

Going off of the forgotten aesthetics of the internet I grew up with, I wanted the visual style to be so far removed from the subject matter that it feels like you’re not reading it at all.  Much like attempting to handle ADD in quarantine, the space never truly matches the subject at hand.  With the onset of many people discovering that they can actually do their job from home, quarantine helped me realize that I can’t.

Joe Meyer
I’m a design student who likes weird stuff.  I’m constantly looking forward to future countercultural trends, and I will talk about their merits at length, even if nobody knows what the hell I’m talking about.  I probably come off as a little baffling at times, but it’s better than being ordinary.  I guess.

My biggest strength is that I’m able to form an opinion on just about anything at just about any time. 

My biggest weakness is that I’m able to form an opinion on just about anything at just about any time.  

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