Jungwoo Choi
All About Death

This book is about the positive side of death based on the experiences of death in my own life. By comparing death to dots, the relationships among dots, lines, and planes stands as an analog to death, life, and time—and expresses the postive and natural relationship between humans and death.

Death is an unknown field that humans have not yet conquered. That's why it seems to express death as scary and negative. Through my experiences of death, I showed a new direction for positive death rather than typical negative death by comparing it to a dot. Because humans must die, those deaths become our life, and our life exists within the frame of time. I think of this as the same thing as points coming together to form a line and lines coming together to form a shape. If a single point represents death, then death gathers to create a line, which represents life, and human existence in time is analogous to the collecting of lines to make a shape. When I am asked what death is, many people say that death is what they no longer see. If the thing that cannot be seen is death, I believe that we who live life in time are always dying. It is a book that expresses death in dots, lines, and shapes by comparing death to dots and the relationship between dots and lines and lines to form the relationship between death, life, and time.

Jungwoo Choi
Jungwoo Choi is a Graphic Designer with interests in posters, logo design, and branding. He is always trying to find a new direction of thought and he tries to express the harmony of oriental design and western design in a unique form.

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