Kiana Horvath
What Happened to Earth?

What Happened to Earth is a fictional project about creating a typeface for when human life could live on Mars. Phase one of the project includes research, a prototype of the typeface, and information about what happened to Earth that required humans to live on Mars.

Currently the earth is facing major effects from climate change and global warming. People are not taking these issues seriously, and seem to think the earth will magically be okay, although we are burning through resources quicker than we can get them back, and polluting the planet at a catastrophic level. Earth is the only place we have for humans and other life matter to survive currently. There is no option B right now. Scientists have been researching outer space, like Mars, and the possibility that life could survive off of earth. Unfortunately, the tech and knowledge is not there yet. There still leaves issues for having air, food, and water, to survive off of earth. There is an awareness that the earth is being polluted, but there is still a lack of understanding of its full effects. There needs to be more awareness of these issues and it should be at the very top of issues talked about in the government and politics. With no earth to live on, the human race could disappear. I do not want to scare people, but I want to bring the harsh truth of what life could be like one day. Until there is more data available about living on Mars we need to focus on caring for the planet we have. I want to show what life would be like if we were able to live on Mars. Through large scale posters, people can get an intriguing experience of what this life would be like.

Kiana Horvath
Kiana Horvath is a recent graduate from DePaul, who is currently living in a town outside of Chicago, Illinois. She has always loved art and design in all forms, and is excited to have graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. A goal she has is to eventually teach art and/or design to children. In her free time she loves to spend time outdoors with her dog, painting, and baking  

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Thank you to our Capstone volunteers, including students Leslie Ramirez, Chris Keramidas, Caroline Schlegel, and faculty member Laura Rossi García. Special thanks to 2020–21 Capstone faculty Shiro Akiyoshi, Nathan Matteson, and Heather Snyder Quinn.

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