Knatacha Prapunpoj
Kiosk Design for Restaurant

The design concept will keeping it minimal as possible.This Kiosk can be fit in any location either in a busy areas or business areas. The target market will be for a restaurant that want to reduce staff and any process before customers having food. This kiosk will also provide more efficiency that helps centralized everything including inventory, orders, menus, etc.

The kiosk is one of the newest trend for the hospitality services in the food services companies. This machine will help reduce costs bad expenses for the restaurant and providing flexibility and convenience for the consumers, giving the power for the customers to placed an order and check out the payment on their own. With less staffs running working means less expenses for the lender to payout and more time to focus more for the deals and productions, delivering the best cooked meals with a twist of a start-up fast food systems but with healthy and well cooked and well prepared meals. For a minimal restaurant like ours we are planning to install a small system of kiosk which will be as small as a tablet, offering the same result as the huge touchscreen you see in most of the big fast food restaurants, we will make sure to provide all options on the table for the customers to choose from food items, drinks, payments options will have to included both cash, card, and e-wallet to included all of the payment ways for the convenience and less time consuming for both the restaurant and the self-service consumer customers. Within the restaurant, the restaurant will offer seating areas for the customers to wait for their food to be ready and done, which will be less than 10 minutes as a part of our aims for this restaurant conceptual. Along the way this thesis will provide information that mostly focused on the restaurant system operating around the kiosk systematic, improvising with the pandemic crisis which will be most efficiency and secure for the provider and giving that safety for the customers also, with no contact options and no direct interaction between the employees and walk-in customer

Knatacha Prapunpoj
My name is Knatacha. I am a graphic designer based in Chicago, specializing in branding and advertising design. While I was in college, I gained many skills that help me to succeed in the future. I appreciate new and challenging projects that lead me to learn more. I am great in time management and pay attention to detail. The end result will be wel organized, conceptual, and engaging.

Thank you to our Capstone volunteers, including students Leslie Ramirez, Chris Keramidas, Caroline Schlegel, and faculty member Laura Rossi García. Special thanks to 2020–21 Capstone faculty Shiro Akiyoshi, Nathan Matteson, and Heather Snyder Quinn.

College of Computing and Digital Media
School of Design
243 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago IL 60604

Graphic Design Capstone Showcase 2020 and 2021
Advisors: Shiro Akiyoshi, Nathan  Matteson, and Heather Snyder Quinn