Lizzy Gurosh
A Taste of America’s Lifestyles

This cookbook allowed me to explore unique food personas that Americans take on. Envisioning and creating meals through each person’s lens exposes the lifestyles that are specific to each individual.

Throughout the four years of living in Chicago, I’ve been exposed to the unique and loved restaurants that live in the city. From family owned traditional diners, to three star Michelin restaurants, Chicago is a hub for great chefs and cuisines from all around the world. I have learned to expand my palate and really appreciate what goes into creating, serving, and experiencing food. This all has inspired me to create in my own kitchen and experiment with what I can replicate from restaurants that I have visited. The grown love for hosting and cooking has become part of my everyday life. With that being said, this new-found love has also exposed me to a world of foodies, instagram worthy restaurants, and home cooking that flood social media timelines. The ways that society views and interprets the experience of cooking and dining has evolved. People no longer solely chose restaurants based on their cuisine, but by their interior appearance. Observing these phenomena has only intrigued my interest into the world of hospitality and the roles that society plays.

Lizzy Gurosh
Lizzy Gurosh is an integrative graphic designer, artist, and amateur cook. When she is not working on a design project, she is experimenting with food and creating in her kitchen.

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