Maggie Mulica
Babcia’s Pierogi

A short illustrative story that follows a young girls journey of making pierogi from scratch with her grandma.

That is where I developed my idea to design a children’s book from my drawings. The concept was to make it personal and something from my
childhood. The idea of making pierogi with my grandma immediately came to mind and is something I hold dearly in my heart. When I visited her a few years ago, we did just that and it opened up memories I almost forgot. It’s something. I will treasure forever and wanted to make this book so I can give to her one day. She was the first person who saw the artist in me. She bought me drawingbooks and materials, and was my biggest support. This is for her because if she did not give me that push, I would maybe not be here today. There’s something so beautiful about the simplicity of illustrations in a children's book. I wanted to challenge myself to do something I usually don’t dive into.

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Thank you to our Capstone volunteers, including students Leslie Ramirez, Chris Keramidas, Caroline Schlegel, and faculty member Laura Rossi García. Special thanks to 2020–21 Capstone faculty Shiro Akiyoshi, Nathan Matteson, and Heather Snyder Quinn.

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Graphic Design Capstone Showcase 2020 and 2021
Advisors: Shiro Akiyoshi, Nathan  Matteson, and Heather Snyder Quinn