Neil Chen
Public Transport System Within Cities

The concept of this project is to use the public transport systems in the top 25
cities in the world to create posters. The posters include hand-drawn city neighborhood maps, transit system maps, iconic landmarks, and lists of things to do in that city. The goal of this project is to attract visitors to those cities and, after having seen the posters, for them to use the transit
systems to explore the  activities
that are recommended.

“Public Transport System Within Cities” uses the public transport system of selected cities from the world’s top 25 cities to create posters that represent each city. The original concept of this project starts with designing things/objects that others can feel related to, and continue with that idea I decided to use the public transport system since I was inspired by it. After research and a few modifications, I ended up with the final version of this project, which includes a hand-drawn city neighborhood map, transit system map, iconic landmarks, and lists of things to do in that city. The targeted audience for this project is mainly visitors and people who are planning on traveling but is having a hard time deciding where they want to go, and the posters can provide them with informations with method of transportation as well as activities that are recommended to do during their time in the cities. The size of each poster is 24x36, and the fonts used are Helvetica and Programme.

Neil Chen

My name is Neil Chen, and I’m a Graphic Designer finishing my final year at DePaul University. I was born and raised in Shenzhen, China, and moved to the States at the age of 10 with my family. The experience of living in both cultures has impacted me, and I often have a different perspective on the way of observing things. The first time that I was able to learn more about Graphic Design was at a SCAD summer program, and before that, I was always passionate about Art, not long after that experience, I decided to major in Graphic Design since this is a great platform to me that I can both express and communicate with others.

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Thank you to our Capstone volunteers, including students Leslie Ramirez, Chris Keramidas, Caroline Schlegel, and faculty member Laura Rossi García. Special thanks to 2020–21 Capstone faculty Shiro Akiyoshi, Nathan Matteson, and Heather Snyder Quinn.

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Graphic Design Capstone Showcase 2020 and 2021
Advisors: Shiro Akiyoshi, Nathan  Matteson, and Heather Snyder Quinn